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Values matter

NUOVO SRL is ABOUT PEOPLE who carry out their vision with determination and strength. Let's talk about Simona and Claudio. 

Simona Vigilante, who since the early 90s has always had roles in organizational activities until becoming director and partner of a construction company.

Claudio Di Giacomo, who has always worked in the purification and waste treatment sector since HIS TWENTIES until HE STARTED his OWN company in the year 2000, engaged in the design and construction of plants.

Both, DURING the 2009 crisis, found themselves faced with difficult choices, in the midst of a rapidly decreasing economy, with the responsibility of trying everything possible to save their companies and employees.Failing to do so, unfortunately, they had to SHUT DOWN their companies.

Joining forces, in 2012 they started an environmental consultancy business with a small company. Simona, thanks her logistical, administrative skills and her determination; Claudio, thanks his technical knowledge, management experience and his creativity.


They grow together and by the beginning of 2017 they created nuovo ltd company.

Nuovo enters the market as an innovative SME with a precise mission: to generate wealth for businesses, individuals and the environment.

Wealth? Yes.

For us, the much sought-after concept of Circular Economy means giving the country the possibility to build all the plants necessary to achieve autonomy in terms of the environment.

ufficio Nuovo srl

We are first of all designers who devote their efforts to creating tailor-made systems, even turnkey ones, in line with the real and social context of the territory, generating opportunities, jobs and the economy with total respect for the environment.

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