Brand history

The brand of every company should be not only an identification tool but an image that embodies an idea, a project, a vision.Our brand expresses all of this and we like to communicate it, because it is our desire to share the choices, the passion and the will that has guided us and CONTINUES TO DO SO every day.

Nuovo srl marchio

Our name

NUOVO means never seen or heard before, something changed, improved, young but definitely not inexperienced, something close, imminent, opposed to the old and therefore modern, current.

NUOVO like the innovative concept in plant design.

NUOVO like the added value we bring to the market

NUOVO like the change of vision and awareness that Italy must understand in the environmental field and of which we want to be leaders.

NUOVO like the dream of implementing the circular economy by replacing obsolete slogans with concrete projects.

Nuovo srl grafica

The logo

The geometric shapes of different colors that make up the NEW logo depict our design.

The colours, which we use with the utmost creativity in our systems, have their own meaning:

Green: like the environmentBlue: like waterBrown: like earthGray: like airRed: like fire

Our central "O", inside, shows the colors of the Italian flag because we love our country so much that we want to continually improve it.The tricolor is a small detail, for us a great pride that represents the MADE IN ITALY, distinguished in the world for quality, creativity, innovation, class, extemporaneousness and inventiveness. We are proud to be part of it.

Marchio Nuovo Srl

Not just a brand, a story.

In our story there is also room for you, to share what we can achieve together.Ask us for advice and let's make our World a better World, above all a NEW World.

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